Meet Our SFAA Union Interim Team

Link:     SFAA Union Interim Team


  • With direct membership voting on every issue, the SFAA will throw off the stigma of uncontrollability with a fresh approach and a practical way to align attitudes and behaviors that embody the desires for a new Union culture.
  • Direct membership voting will break down legacy taboos and traditions, empowering the membership to truly believe and join in changes necessary for a combined workforce.
  • Uniting the spirit behind this key factor of importance will empower and inspire the SFAA membership to work together to erode the territorial and legacy issues, politics and subsidiary priorities to build a strong, forward thinking team for the prosperity of ALL Flight Attendants at our company.
  • From day one SFAA will quickly lay the foundation for an aligned Union leadership who will be guided and controlled directly by the membership. This will allow the membership to rally for something they believe in, something important to each and every one of us in addition to a combined workforce.
  • Please help us gain a brighter future for ALL Spirit Airlines Flight Attendants.

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